iPad Air 2 با ۲ گیگابایت رم عرضه خواهد شد

بیشتر شایعاتی که در این چند روز منتشر شد در درجه اول در مورد آیفون ۶ بود ، اما اغلب شایعاتی از ایپدهای اپل نیز منتشر می شود . بر اساس آخرین شایعات که از آسیا نشات گرفته اپل قصد دارد iPad Air 2 را به همراه چیپ قدرتمند A8 و ۲ گیگابایت رم عرضه کند .

امسال هم مانند سالهای گذشته اپل ، آیپد جدید خود را در پاییز معرفی خواهد کرد . همچنین گفته شده آیپد مینی به همراه ۱ گیگابایت رم و صفحه نمایش رتینا عرضه خواهد شد .
رم دو گیگابایتی به کاربران اجازه اجرای دو برنامه جانبی را به صورت همزمان می دهد .

شایعات نشان می دهد که این حالت تنها در حالت افقی و بر روی آیپد ۹.۷ اینچ اتفاق می افتد .

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iPad Air 2 Will Have 2GB RAM

iPad Air 2 Will Have 2GB RAM

The rumor mill is primarily concerned with the iPhone 6 these days but often we hear something about the next generation iPads as well. If Apple sticks with its usual release cycles then we’ll be treated to new iPads later this fall. A new report out of Asia today suggests that Apple will be doubling the amount of RAM in the iPad Air 2. The tablet is believed to be powered by the company’s A8 processor, which will debut with the iPhone 6. TechNews cites sources within Apple’s supply chain which claim that the amount of RAM is going to be doubled from 1GB to 2GB. The end result would be evident on system performance. It will speed up multitasking as well as operation of memory intensive applications and services. It also claims that while iPad Air 2 will get double the RAM the same courtesy will not be extended to the next generation iPad mini with Retina display. However it is believed to share almost all of the internal specifications with its sibling barring the RAM. A recent report claimed that the iPhone 6′s RAM will not be increased beyond 1GB. Apparently the company might take this step for the iPad Air 2 to enable it to support the rumored split-screen apps feature. The feature would allow users to run two apps side-by-side, rumors suggest it would only run in landscape mode on the 9.7-inch iPad. There has been no confirmation or denial from Apple on this. We’ll have to wait for the tablet to come out since Apple rarely mentions the amount of RAM during product launches.

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